(Dog Obedience is Good)

Potty Training Notes

Give your puppy 15 minutes to eat, twice a day. I recommend dry food with water on the side.

Wait 10 to 15 minutes after they eat, take them outside to the same spot they are to go to all the time. Remember to keep the bathroom area clean. They won’t mind going there all the time if it is kept clean.

Spend approximately 5 to 10 minutes outside to get them to go to the bathroom. If they do not urinate and defecate, or if they fail to go at all, then put them back in their kennel. If you have time you should take them back out in another 15 minutes or so. If you take them out and they do their business, they can hang out with you.  Remember puppies have a very small bladder so keep checking back often.


When teaching your puppy to go to the bathroom on command, it does not matter what word you use as long as you are consistent. For this we will use the word “bathroom”.

When you first get to the bathroom area tell your puppy, “Fido, bathroom”. Wait for them to start going and say “Fido, bathroom - bathroom, Fido, good boy/girl, bathroom...” Keep this up until they are finished. As soon as they are done with all bathroom functions, praise them lavishly. When your puppy has completed all bathroom functions, bring them directly into the house.

If you want to play with your puppy at this time then take them inside and go back out to play. This is so that they get into the habit of coming into the house after going to the bathroom. Otherwise you may find yourself, in the middle of a snow storm, trying to get the puppy to come in when they want to stay out and play.



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