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I believe word-of-mouth advertising is the best you can have.  Not only is it free, it's genuine and purposeful.  It gets to those who are interested and not waisted on those who aren't.  I think links are a great way to let others see what information and/or products are out there that may be they didn't know about.  I have personally visited each site and believe it may be of interest to at least one other individual out there, if not more.  When you click on the link it will open a new browser window.  If you visit any of the sites, please let them know you saw their link on my web site.  If you happen to have feedback about any of the sites, please feel free to either leave a message in my guest book or email me at robynsdogtraining@hotmail.com.   If you happen to come across a site, or manage one of your own, and think it may be appropriate for me to list it here, please send me a link and I'll check it out.  Thanks for taking the time to visit and make it a great day!



I'm Coming Out of the Stone Age!

Yeah, I know.  Everyone has a Facebook, right?  Well, now so do I!  I'm not too good at it but invite people to "friend" me and "like" my page.  I also Twitter.  You can find me @RobynWerhan.  You can find me by email or phone...  Thanks!

I'm a Belly Dancer... A WHAT?!

I am a solo dance artist and an ex-member of the Middle Eastern (Belly Dance) Troupe the Gypsy Chicks.  I manage to have a personal life, too!  As a dancer I provide fun family entertainment.  I specialize in a unique fusion-style dance form.  By combining traditional and modern concepts of the beautiful art of belly dance together, I create unique performances for all occasions.  I have performed in several parades, charity events, performances, festivals, concerts, parties and shows throughout Flagstaff, Sedona and Mesa.  If you are interested in seeing what I'm about, please visit my web site at Querida_the_dancer@webs.com.   It's all about having fun and enjoying yourself!  I'm available for hire for your special event.  Feel free to contact me.  Remember I'm a professional!

Ponderosa SEEDs

Ponderosa SEEDs (Self-esteem, Empowerment, & Education through Dance) is my teen dance program. Please take the time to visit the site & learn more about it.

Awesome pet supply site!

Looking for a new leash? What about some yummy smelling shampoo? Try http://www.petedge.com! They're very reasonable with a nominal shipping fee for smaller orders.  Check 'em out!

Top Puppy Names

dog name list

Buddhist Community Helping Animals

Tara's Babies is a wonderful site.  It's a local Buddhist community is doing what they can to help animals.  Check it out and get ready to feel good! 

Post Your Pooch Photos On-line!

This link was sent to me and I thought it was SO cool I just had to share it with you!  Mydoggyalbum.com is an on-line photo album for you to post pictures of your pooch(es).  Take a gander and proudly post!  I have posted pictures of my "girls" and look forward to seeing some familiar faces soon! 


I was invited to put a reciprocal link on Dogland.co.uk and found it a great resource.  They have information from training to going on vacation (or "holiday") with your best friend.  Check 'em out!

Flagstaff Central's Community Information Source

Flagstaff Central is an online city guide for Flagstaff, Arizona that features information on local travel, schools, organizations, realty, events, restaurants, health services, and a whole lot more.  Flagstaff's Community Information Source!  If it's out there, you can probably find it here!  You can contact them and list your own events, etc. on their site.  It's a wealth of information.  They also have a monthly newsletter you can sign up for.  Take time to check 'em out! 



I don't know about you, but I really like listening to music while I'm doin' stuff on the computer.  One of the ways I can satisfy my need for tunes is to have Accuradio or Pandora playing in the back ground.  You can pick genres and it's relatively commercial free.  There's also Slacker Radio for your computer or phone.  I like them since I get to hear more of my selected artist.  Check 'em out!

Do you like to play in the water?

Check this out!

Transparent Canoes & Kayaks - Take your pet for a ride in one of these.


I do not encourage or suggest that anyone should take any financial interest in any product listed on this page.