(Dog Obedience is Good)

This is a sample of what my clients say...

about my comprehensive training and behavior modification program.  I would appreciate you taking the time to read any (or all!) of these letters.  I also have letters from clients since these.  If you have a specific situation and are interested in hearing from a client who went through the same thing, let me know.  I may be able to send you a copy via email.  I believe that the best form of advertisement is a happy client!  If you're interested in becoming one of my many happy clients, feel free to e-mail me.

Deborah Mills writes about her puppy and rescue dog:

"I contacted Robyn because I had recently acquired a puppy aged 2 months.  I knew that in order to keep him I was going to need help.  He was biting me and everyone he came near.  I had purchased three different dog training books and none of their methods worked!

"Thank God for Robyn, after her 1st visit the puppy was cured of biting.  He went through her training and is now a beautifully trained dog.

"I also contacted her to train my next dog.  She was a rescue dog who had been left outside until the age of 8 months.  This dog was wild! dragging people and furniture all over my house.  Jumping over my furniture and eating chairs.  Robyn has shown me ways to handle her.  She is trained very well, no more wild dog!!

"I highly recommend Robyn, through the training she was always available.

"Sincerely, Deborah Mills"

Deborah was referring to her German Shepherd Dogs, Bear and Kara.

Proof it's never too late to start training!

“It pleases us to recommend dog training with Robyn Werhan at D.O.G. TRAINING. Last week we completed a series of personalized training sessions with Robyn for our dog, Red.

“Red is a 68-pound Shepherd-Rhodesian mix. She is 9 years old but was feral for her first 9 months. She is powerful, very independent and very active for her age. Before her training, she pulled strongly on the lead during our walks, and it took strength to pull her away from appealing messages she would find. On hikes with her off the lead, we couldn’t always count on her to come to us when we called. She had been trained to stay within an invisible fence, but on two recent occasions she ran across the invisible fence to attack dogs which came close to the property line.

“Robyn guided us through the On-lead Obedience series both at our house and in the park. Red learned to obey the commands of heel, sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, recall (come), and finish (return to heel position after recall). In addition to learning those commands, Red is now more attentive in general. With Red under control, it is fun to take her for walks. Now that we have the basics pretty well in hand, we’re looking forward to practicing those commands off-lead and retraining Red to stay within the invisible fence.

“We only wish we had gone to Robyn earlier.

“Carl E. Fleck and Barbara McKenna”

Carl and Barbara are a retired couple living in Flagstaff and were referred by another  happy client.

Tina wanted a dog the whole family could enjoy.

“I am happy to recommend Robyn Werhan’s dog training services to anyone who wants excellent results. Our experience with our 6 month old dog we adopted from the Humane Society was very satisfactory. We wanted out pup to learn obedience and leash training. She was a stray that had to training and an exuberant pup who was out of control - jumping on everyone and nipping to get attention. After our 6 week training with Robyn, we had an obedient dog who we could enjoy and who’s bad habits were corrected. We all learned the proper techniques to work with her and are still applying them to reinforce her training.

“I highly recommend Robyn to anyone who is considering dog obedience.


“Tina Carmichael”

Tina, her 8 year old son and her mother-in-law, all came to the sessions. I taught them all the correct training methods to deal with their dog, Honey’s, behaviors. By the end of the 6 weeks, any one of them could fully handle her with confidence.  As Honey was a local Humane Society adoptee, I donated 10% of their fee to the Humane Society in Tina and her family’s name.